Somehow, I Don’t Feel Comfortable: Momoyo Torimitsu Exhibition Opens

April 5 • FREE 

Momoyo Torimitsu’s Somehow, I Don’t Feel Comfortable features two giant, smiling pink bunnies facing off and pitching forward within a confined space. The work initially appears to be quite fun and whimsical, but is it? Known for addressing social issues, Torimitsu cramps the adorable bunnies into tight spaces to communicate her displeasure for what she calls “the cuteness syndrome” propagated by her native country, Japan’s Hello Kitty culture. The oversized bunnies look down on the viewer and at first glance seem cute, like Hello Kitty, but with closer consideration they are a bit disturbing with sociopolitical undertones.  

Somehow, I Don’t Feel Comfortable is traveled by Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA.