West Texas Film Festival Series

This year the Ellen Noël Art Museum is collaborating with the Odessa College Mass Media Department and the West Texas Film Festival to show film shorts submitted to the festival in our museum.

Apr 26 • 6pm • FREE

Far From the Tree;  (2017), Directed by Dave Thomas, Produced by Cheryl Allison & Carina Rush, Written by David B. Kear,  TRT 16 minutes

Abbie is a good mom, strong and a survivor...but Abbie is struggling. She struggles in her daily routine and in her relationship with her teenage son Evan. The effect of a sexual assault years earlier weighs heavy on her. As these deep embedded feelings work their way out like a splinter, Abbie and her son reach a pivotal moment in both of their lives.

Far From the Tree poster.jpg

Mini Maestro; (2016), Directed, Produced and Written by Cheryl Allison, TRT 8 minutes

The power of imagination as seen through the eyes of a three year old boy.

Mini Maestro poster.jpg