Join us for an evening of short films and refreshments. This year the Ellen Noël Art Museum is collaborating with the Odessa College Mass Media Department and the West Texas Film Festival to show films submitted to the festival in our museum.

Feb 22 • 7pm • FREE

PentecostDirected by Katherine Propper

Delilah, a snake handler’s daughter, seeks a spiritual gift of her own in her father's rattlesnake.

Counting Up; Directed by Grayson Lackey

A film that portrays the ups and downs of life within the confines of an industrial abandoned hotel. Discover a new perspective on trials and tribulations and the fact that the count down of time on your life can actually count up.

Church GroundsDirected by James Fite. Written by Tom Parks. Produced by Amanda Fite and Tom Parks.

Though time and change should clearly be uppermost in their minds, members of this little church committee couldn’t care less or be more oblivious about either. On the contrary, they seem determined to keep time and change at a safe distance as they set about their plans to bury a time capsule on the church grounds, to be opened in 100 years. It is a project they disparage from the get-go while extolling a perfect past and the memories that took them there – never realizing that they are about to awake next day to a changed world that is going to ignore them with the same rude disregard and contempt.

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