Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions


Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

The Work of Annita Delano

 Dec 19 - Mar 4, 2018

Annita Delano, Integument, 1959, oil painting, on loan from Kim and Dr. Joseph Damiani

Annita Delano, Integument, 1959, oil painting, on loan from Kim and Dr. Joseph Damiani

On loan from Kim and Dr. Joseph Damiani 

Annita Delano (1894 - 1979) became a leader of the modernist painting movement in California, both as a painter and a professor of art. In 1917, she earned her diploma from Los Angeles State Normal School (UCLA) and then began her teaching career at UCLA from 1920 to 1963.  From 1944 to 1946, she was on the faculty of the Otis Art Institute. She lived primarily in Los Angeles but was noted for her southwestern desert landscapes and Indians figure and genre.  Beginning 1925, she painted most summers in New Mexico and Arizona, living among the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni Indians. Her paintings were widely exhibited during her lifetime, both as part of group shows and in 30 solo exhibitions of her work.

This exhibition showcases her lifetime of work including, paintings, watercolors and well as many sketches, artist notes and personal memorial. 


On with the Show, This is It! Chuck Jones and the Animation Art of Looney Tunes

Jan 4 - Apr 1, 2018

Chuck Jones, Rabbit of Serville, 1994-95 (Reissues), Cel, on loan from Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College

Chuck Jones, Rabbit of Serville, 1994-95 (Reissues), Cel, on loan from Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College

On loan from Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College

For more than 70 years, the funniest, most recklessly irreverent characters ever drawn on celluloid have been Looney Tunes. The split-second timing of Bugs Bunny, the giddy lunacy of Daffy Duck, the befuddled laughter of Elmer Fudd, and a slew of others were the work of animation artist Chuck Jones (1912-2002). Beginning with theatrical shorts of the 1930s, they have become international celebrities and a cornerstone of American popular culture. This exhibition explores the Looney Tunes characters and their capers as brought to life by Jones and voice artist Mel Blanc under the auspices of the cartoon shop at Warner Bros. Studios.



Future Exhibitions



Future Exhibitions



Ali Cavanaugh, Only You, 2017, watercolor on kaolin clay

Ali Cavanaugh, Only You, 2017, watercolor on kaolin clay

Modern Frescos: Ali Cavanaugh

Jan 18 - May 13, 2018

Jan 18 • 6pm • Artist Talk with Ali Cavanaugh

Ali Cavanaugh is an internationally represented fine artist. She studied painting at Kendall College of Art and Design and the New York Studio Residency Program in New York City. Cavanaugh's  paintings have been featured on book covers, countless internet features such as the Huffington Post, Fine Art Connoisseur, Hi-Fructose and in numerous print publications including, American Art Collector, American Artist Watercolor. 

Camille Engel, Hello Milady, 2017, oil on wood panel

Camille Engel, Hello Milady, 2017, oil on wood panel

Annual Permian Basin Juried Art Exhibition

May 17 -June 29, 2018

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Annual Permian Basin Juried Art Exhibition, which aims to highlight the talent of artists in and around the West Texas region. For this year's exhibition, artists are encouraged to explore the theme METAMORPHOSIS. This exhibition is hosted by the Ellen Noël Art Museum in partnership with the Odessa Art Association.

Chick here for exhibition Entry Form.

Camille Engel, Hello Milady, 2017, oil on wood panel

Camille Engel, Hello Milady, 2017, oil on wood panel

Captured by Detail: Camille Engel

Feb 22 - May 20, 2018

Feb 22 • 6pm • Artist Talk with Camille Engel

Camille Engel (1955) sees the splendor of everyday objects. She is able to capture in life captivated by detail, these intricate works focusing attention upon the rich colors and textures found in some of the most unheralded subjects while reflecting the artist’s victory over personal hardships.

She is an acute observer of the beauty that most of us overlook, Engel is amazed and fascinated with color and texture, seeking to capture the richness of life. These oil paintings invite us to momentarily step into her world of observation and share in her joy of the transcendent beauty all around us.

This exhibition showcases a new body work done in her realism style and celebrates the artist’s Tennessee home and showcases unique depictions of the Tennessee State Symbols. 

Chloe Dao (Project Runway), 2006 

Chloe Dao (Project Runway), 2006 

Celebrate Texas

June 1 - Aug 26, 2018

This Museum curated show will celebrate Texas artists. The exhibit will highlight individuals who have changed the course in fashion and have dresses some of most well-known people. Additionally, the exhibition will showcase important Texas artist from 1880 to 1940. Works include paintings by Tom Lea (El Paso), Furniture by Johann Jahn (New Braunfels), Sculpture by Elisabet Ney (Austin), Ceramics by Wilson Pottery Brothers (Seguin) and Prints by Merritt Mauzey (Clifton). 


Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection


In its 30 years, the Ellen Noël Art Museum has amassed a permanent collection of over 900 objects which reveal the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Permian Basin, West Texas and the United States. It is the goal of this collection to document the relationships of artists to their physical and cultural environments, as well as the technical and conceptual innovations that are part of the vibrant and colorful history of the art world. The collection represents over 200 artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Janet Fish, Adolph Gottlieb, Peter Hurd, M.C. Escher, Lowell Nesbitt, Rufino Tamayo, Victor Vasarely, and Peter Vogel. Works by established Texas and Southwestern artists like Luis Jimenez, Jesus Morales, Ned Bosnick, Dee Wolff, Frank Gervasi, Billy Schenck, Michelle O’Michael, George Tobolowsky and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith form a significant part of the collection.

Ali Cavanaught, When Your Love Falls, Uncertainty Becomes Understood, nd.jpg

Ali Cavanaugh,

When Your Love Falls, Uncertainty Becomes Understood, nd

Gift of Mike and Linda Tilton


Connie Kiener, Fish Tales. 2003.JPG

Connie Kiener

Fish Tales, 2003, Gift of the Artist- Connie Kiener


Rod Goebel, Aspen Trees, nd.jpg

Rod Goebel

Aspen Trees, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. J. Camden Chancellor

Jean Cappadonna-Nichols, Tropical Depression with Build Your Own Sacred Cow.JPG

Jean Cappadonna-Nichols

Tropical Depression with Build Your own Sacred Cow, Museum Purchase


René Alvarado

Serenade to an Empty Chair, 2009, Gift of the Artist- René Alvarado



Artist Represented in Collection





Katherine Ace.  Tomas Allom.

Rene Alvarado.  William Anzalone.

David Aylsworth.  Margarete Bagshaw.  

Laurence Barker.  Earline Barnes.

David Bates.  Herbert Bayer.  A.A. Begay. 

Tomas Hart Benton.  Henrie a Berk.  

Jennifer Bobola. Hugo Lopez Bolivar.  

Raymond Bonilla.  Elena Borstein.  

Alfonse Borysewicz.  Ned Bosnick.

Harry Bouras.  Katherine Bowling.

Chica Brunsvold.  Alberto Burri.  

Davey Cadaver.  

Jean Cappadonna-Nichols.  

Carmelo Cappello.  Antonio Carreno.  

Ali Cavanaugh.  Eduardo Oliveira. 

Danville Chadbourne.  JD Chanllenger.  

Sally Chandler.  Piao Xue Cheng.  

Wendy Chidester.  Robert Colesco.  

Jim Condron.  Rosalind Cook.  

Alfred Egerton Cooper.  Ralph Cox.  

William Crovello.  Anne-Marie Cucchiara.  


Salvador Dali.  DaNisha Death NYC.  

Simone Debbas.  Gussie Dujardin.  

Robert C. Ellis.  Camille Engel.

Travis Conrad Erion.  Frank Diaz Escalet. 

M.C. Escher.  Gary Eubanks.  Janet Fish.  

India Flint.  Carol Fremlin.

Johnny Friedlaender.  Tina Fuentes.  

Daniel Gerhartz.  Frank Gervasi. 

Richard Gillham.  RC Gorman.  

Adolph Go lieb.  Emilio Greco.  R. Grey.  

Han Dai-Yu.  Heinie Hartwig. Billy Hassell.

Gary Hayah.  Sonya Haynie.  Ron Hicks.  

Royce Howes.  Jammey Huggins.  

Peter Hurd.  Margit E. IIika.  Kim James.  

Juis Jimenez.  Michael Chesley.



August Kalestewa.  Bob Kane. 

Norman Kary.  Steve Kaufman.  

David Keens.  Peter Keil.  Martha Kellar.  

Connie Kiener.  Jung Han Kim.  

Judith Moore Knapp.  

Barnal F. Koehrsen III.  Victor Kord.  

Craig Kosak.  Lynwood Kreneck.  

Tracy Krumm.  Gary Kulak. 

Jochen Labriola.  Oscar Lakeman. 

Lois Lane.  Josep Maria Subirachs.  

Ru7no Tamayo.  Kate Taylor. 

Steve Teeters.  Ann Templeton.  

George Tobolowsky.  Michelle Torrez.  

Tracy 168.  Andy Tschoepe.  Cy Twombly. 

Boaz Vaadia.  Peter Vogel.  

Jorgen Waring.  James Watkins.  

Davis Webster.  Bill Wiggins.  

Robert Wilson.  Dee Wolf.  Bill Worrell. 

Pervis Young.  Judy Youngblood.